Even-Seal Cup Lets You
Sip With No Drip!

Features & Benefits

Once you stop drinking, it automatically forms a watertight seal!

Wow Cup is the winner of the prestigious "Mom's Choice Award"

Wow Cups spill-free kids cups save moms' time & cleanup!

No more spouts, straws , caps or rubber tops to worry about!

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All About Wow Cups

Kids & Parents Love Spill-Free Wow Cups!

Kids & Parents Love Spill-Free Wow Cups!

Kids try their best but to be careful but spilling drinks from time to time is almost a guarantee. With the spill-free Wow Cup, messy spills and last minute outfit disasters are a thing of the past! Wow Cup's 360 degree Even-Sealing technology allows liquid to flow only when you drink. When you're done, it automatically seals, meaning kids can roll, jump and spin and their drink always stays in! It's virtually indestructible too so when kids drop their drinks, as we know they will, not only will you NOT have to worry about cleaning anything up, you'll also know that their Wow Cup is totally unharmed no more messy clean ups! Just fill, twist and sip.

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